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    MAI Social

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    Curious to see how I’ve designed MAI Social to keep you focused and engaged with personalized content? Dive into the interactive prototype now to experience it firsthand! Discover how I’m revolutionizing your social experience with innovative features tailored to your tastes and preferences. Explore MAI Social today and join me on this exciting journey!


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    My core objectives centered on crafting a customizable feed with tailored filters to maintain user focus and engagement. Additionally, I spearheaded the design of MAI Politics, ensuring that only politically relevant content aligned with users’ preferences surfaced. Moreover, I led the creation of Circles, facilitating connections among users with shared interests.

    My role

    Within this multifaceted project, I assumed a pivotal role in designing various key components, including the feed, profile interface, Circles feature, notifications system, messaging platform, and MAI AI chat functionality. My responsibilities encompassed conceptualization, prototyping, and refinement, ensuring seamless usability and alignment with user needs.

    Success Metrics

    Success metrics were gauged based on user satisfaction, engagement metrics, and the effectiveness of personalized content delivery. Key indicators included user retention rates, active engagement within Circles, and the efficacy of AI-driven features in enhancing user experience and maintaining focus. Ultimately, success was contingent on delivering intuitive interfaces that fostered meaningful connections and personalized engagement.


    In crafting wireframes for MAI Social, I ensured each feature was thoughtfully designed. From the customizable feed to MAI Politics and Circles, wireframes prioritized user preferences and streamlined functionality. The feed wireframes focused on intuitive navigation and personalized content delivery, while MAI Politics wireframes emphasized politically relevant content. Circles wireframes facilitated seamless connections among users with shared interests. Throughout, user-centric design principles guided the process, resulting in a comprehensive suite of wireframes that laid the foundation for an engaging social networking experience.


    Feed, Filters, & Modes

    In addition to designing the user flows and interface elements, I integrated animations to enhance the overall user experience. These were carefully crafted to add fluidity and dynamism to interactions within the app, making browsing, filtering, and switching between different modes more engaging and intuitive. By incorporating subtle yet impactful motion effects, we aimed to delight users and elevate the usability of MAI Social, ensuring a seamless journey through the platform.

    Profile, Notifications, & Messages

    In designing the User Profile, Notifications, & Messages screens, I paid careful attention to user experience. The User Profile interface allows for easy customization of settings and preferences. Notifications are presented in an organized manner, ensuring users stay informed without clutter. The Messages screen offers a streamlined communication experience with threaded conversations and intuitive contact access. These designs prioritize clarity and functionality, ensuring users can navigate these essential features effortlessly.


    In the My Circles screen, users can not only manage their circles but also explore connections geographically. By integrating a map view, users can visualize the locations of other circle members, facilitating easier communication and collaboration. This feature enhances the sense of community by enabling users to connect with others in their vicinity. Through intuitive map navigation and seamless communication tools, users can engage with fellow circle members in real-time, fostering meaningful interactions and enhancing the overall social experience within MAI Social.

    MAI AI chat

    Users have the flexibility to interact with the MAI AI Chat through both text input and voice commands, catering to diverse preferences and accessibility needs. Whether typing out queries or utilizing voice input, users can seamlessly engage with the chatbot to access information, receive assistance, and navigate the platform effortlessly. This dual input capability enhances user convenience and accommodates varying communication styles, ensuring a more inclusive and user-friendly experience within MAI Social. By offering multiple interaction modes, the platform empowers users to engage with the MAI AI Chat in a manner that best suits their preferences and requirements.

    MAI Politics

    In shaping MAI Politics, I developed a dynamic political quiz to spark user engagement and capture diverse viewpoints. From the interactive map to officials’ profiles and AI-powered browsing, every feature was thoughtfully designed to deliver personalized government insights. Additionally, I introduced innovative fundraising tools and resources, empowering users to make a tangible impact on political causes. Crafting the UI, UX, and flows, I carefully prototyped each feature, aligning with client specifications and user input.

    Results and takeaways

    The introduction of MAI Social has heralded a new era in social networking, marked by unparalleled user engagement and community empowerment. Through the strategic integration of the dynamic political quiz and personalized browsing features, users have found a platform that not only connects them but also resonates with their individual beliefs and interests. This has fostered a vibrant sense of community, driving meaningful interactions and discussions. Additionally, the innovative fundraising tools and comprehensive government insights have provided users with the means to effect real change and stay informed about political matters that impact their lives. As a result, MAI Social has not only captured the attention of users but also garnered significant interest from investors, securing vital funding to fuel its continued growth and expansion. Looking ahead, the focus remains on pushing the boundaries of social networking innovation while staying true to the core values of user-centric design and community empowerment.